Let’s Kick Out the Negativity from Our Lives

‘Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.’ – Willie Nelson

Thinking about the life it occurs to me that negative thoughts are more prevalent than the positive thoughts. It takes some serious efforts to think positive while the negative thoughts automatically inhabit your head.

Negative thoughts come uninvited. That’s what makes it hard to deal with them. They dampen the simple pleasure of living and leave you anxious and depressed all the time. If you have always been in a cheerful environment and have been brought up without a struggle, then it can be easier for you to stay positive. But, if you have been brought up in the stressful environment with poverty or other family problems then you’re an easy target for negative thoughts because you see the world through a predominant mindset and perception.

Your life is the mirror of your thoughts!

Your thoughts define your life and the circumstances you are going to fall in. Your life brings only the things your thoughts invite. If you are positive, you’ll attract good things. If your thoughts are negative, your life will take the same shape. It completely depends on you that how you want your life to be.

Dealing with the negative thoughts:

When it comes to dealing with the negative thoughts, acknowledgment comes first. Acknowledge that you have been thinking negative and you need to fix this.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you often think about your failures, incapability, and difficulties?
  2. Do you keep thinking about the negative news or incidents you have witnessed?
  3. Do you ever feel that your life will remain the same and it will never improve?
  4. Do you think that you do not deserve happiness and money?

Well, these are the thoughts that are very easy to catch. I practice meditation regularly and even I find it very easy to prey to negative thoughts most of the times.

See, the thing is not to force your mind to not let negative thoughts come in. The part that you have to play is not letting these negative thoughts drain your energy and your ability to be at the present moment.

What these negative thoughts do is they close your mind, makes you repel people and see no good opportunities.

Now, what you have to do is acknowledge these negative thoughts and overcome them with positive thinking.

Some Simple Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts:

It’s not easy to get your mind in control, but it’s not impossible either. Here are some simple tips that might help you get rid of negative thoughts and surround yourself with the power of positivity.

  1. Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively about something, rethink about it. Rethink to figure out why it can’t be positive instead of negative. Replace your negative thoughts with the guiding light of positivity.
  2. If you think about the failure of the plan or something you’re doing in your life, remind yourself of why you are doing that and why it has to be a success. Remind yourself of all the reasons why it should be successful.
  3. Do not use negative words in any conversation. Replace “I cannot” with “I can” and “I will do it, but…” with “But, I’ll do it.”
  4. Live in the moment. Do not think about the past for what has been done cannot be undone and don’t worry about the future for it is not even here.
  5. Make some positive affirmations for you. Whenever you feel negative, read these positive affirmations and encourage yourself to stand back on your feet. Here are some affirmations you must add to your list:
    1. I deserve to be happy.
    2. I can do everything I want.
    3. I deserve to be loved deeply and purely.
    4. I can change the circumstances anytime I want.
    5. I have right to feel what I want to feel.

You are one decision away from happiness. This decision is yours to make – Keep Thinking Negative or Do What it Takes to Turn Negativity into Positivity.

Stay positive because this life is yours to live!