The Secret Tie-up between Imagination and Reality

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Imagination can change the way you perceive the reality!

Yes, that’s true. A group of Sweden researchers has found that our imagination influences our real life. Your mind can give you the creeps by controlling the illusions of what you think you saw or hear into what occurs as reality to you. The findings of the research clearly show that our brain combines the information of our imagination and the things happening around us to shape our perceptions.

There’s a very thin line between imagination and reality.

We, in our minds, have created a line that separates imagination and reality, which we think is very thick. In actual, this line is very thin and the content from both sides of the line interacts freely with each other. Imagination is not just a frivolous, dreamlike diversion as we think of it. It’s more than that. It shapes the reality of your life.

How your imagination shapes your reality?

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” Buddha

It’s always imagination that has led to greatest inventions. People once called legends like Einstein daydreamers. These daydreamers used their imaginations to create reality while the people criticizing them are reading their theories now.

Imagination has created more legends than the knowledge.

Imagination alters the way we perceive the world around us. Your mind has the power to create the reality around your imagination on a neuronal level.

How does it happen?

Imagination is the key to reality. When we imagine something, it reflects its influence in the way our brain works. We start thinking about it and our brain starts finding the actionable ways to turn it into reality.

It works like this:

  • Imagination mends your thoughts.
  • Your thoughts define your actions.
  • Your actions will bring the respective outcomes and changes in your life.

This way, imagination affects the reality of your life.

Beware of destructive imagination:

Your imagination has the power to construct as well as destroy. If your imagination is destructive, you’ll end up creating destructive things. It can damage you emotionally as well as physically. So, use your imagination in a positive way.

How to use your imagination in a correct way?

Your imagination depends on six channels that help you get your perceptions. These six channels are your five senses and the sixth sense that comes internally. You have to put all these senses in coordination to use your imagination in a correct way.

Use these five steps to make your imagination work constructively for you:

  1. Don’t allow negative thoughts: Give no place to negative thoughts in your imagination as it can destroy you. If you have negative thoughts, you’ll sabotage your power of imagination. If you find it hard to overcome negativity, then try to reframe the situation in a positive way.
  2. Create positivity around: Stay positive and imagine with enthusiasm.
  3. Use all your senses: Use all your senses to imagine and create the imagery and feel of something you are imagining.
  4. Imagine often: Imagine as many times in a day as possible.
  5. Take necessary actions: Don’t just rely on imagination. Take necessary actions too if you want to turn your imagination into reality.

Creative imagination takes time and efforts. It is much more than day-dreaming. It’s an organized approach to create the reality your mind wants to create. You’ll have to put your energy to make it effective.

So, tap the lights of your imagination and start creating your own movie in the theater of your mind. It’s time to turn your creative imagination into magical reality.