Positive People Progress

Positivity looks like some wishful thinking to most of us. We all wish to achieve and live a positive and healthy lifestyle. But, very often we find ourselves bashing our thoughts with negative emotions.

But, why do we give way to negative emotions more? The world seems to be aiming to produce negative thoughts all around us. The real hindrance to positivity is that our brains have been hard-wired to look out for and focus on all possible threats. 

Today, this mechanism propagates pessimism and negativity through the brain’s tendency to wander off until it finds a new threat to build up. These “threats” magnify the assumed likelihood that things are going—and/or are going to go—in the wrong direction and will lead to a downfall. This mechanism becomes effective when the obstacle is real and it is lurking around in the bushes and down the road.

Pessimism is a huge trouble because it’s a source of trouble for your health, work, family, and life as a whole. It has been a proven fact that optimists achieve more and have a bright future. They are found to be physically and psychologically healthier and more peaceful than pessimists. Depression is more likely in people who pessimistically attribute their failures and shortcomings to personal deficits and flaws. Optimists, however, consider failures as a learning experience and motivating factor and believe they can work harder in the future and combat failure.

Best ways to achieve a progressive and positive lifestyle are:

  1. Have uplifting conversations that will help you become more productive.
  2. Look at the bright side. Even in the worst situations.
  3. Smile often.
  4. Practice mindfulness and meditation.
  5. Believe that you can do it.

So, making positivity a mantra of life is the best way to achieve progress. Our ultimate aim should be to spread positivity and love always. Barack Obama rightly quotes “Yes We Can!”