Everyone has a Story – What’s yours?

“What’s your story? What is it about life that you demand? Is it the thought of success, money or fame that brings you to true happiness?”

Three years of hard work, late night studies, unlimited hours at classes; and what I remembered a few day before exam while solving an accounts problem was not what the professor taught me about that chapter, but it was his words ‘Choice Aapki Hai’ which he kept on repeating at every relatable point. And what I got on my paper after half an hour was not the solution of accounts problem, but a poem with those same words.

I wondered what I actually wanted from my life – a Chartered Accountant Degree or something else.

I remembered back to the time I was seven years old and gave my first stage performance with poem recitation.

I remembered how I sat enthralled at reading all the stories I came across. I remembered how what I really wanted out of my career was to be a journalist, writer or a speaker. I realized that this was a deep, steady current that connected many phases of my life.

I looked back at my life and realized that what always interested me were stories and that’s what I wanted and should become – A Storyteller.

Since that realization, I took all the steps in direction of my dream, my passion. I heard a little whisper from someone who was quiet for long. “You are walking on the right path!” was what I heard. It was my conscience, my heart.

I found my story!

Even you want to answer your call but not clear how to know it, right? Let me help you a little: sit down, open your journal, pour a cup of tea, and try to remember your passions.

Work on the followings:

  • Know your greatest talent and purpose, and learn to speak with clarity and confidence about it.
  • Commit to finding or creating your ideal job, no matter what.
  • Be realistic about your basic financial needs–but know that when you follow your passion, money often comes too.
  • Give yourself regular reality checks.
  • Be patient. It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.

I would like to end here with few words from my novel ‘Everyone has a Story’:

“Live life in moments, not in days or years or your schedules. Mostly, it’s our misconception that we live our life the way we want. Every single step which we take is influenced by others. Only the part, which we hide from all and keep deep within our heart, is our own. I strongly urge you all to realize that hidden part of yours. Go, live that part. Live your life. Don’t let your dreams die within you. Trust me, your struggle; your fight will be worth the risk in opening yourself up. Get up. Inhale the air of passion. Start your journey. Grab your dreams. Enjoy your mistakes. Dance to the rhythm of your heartbeats. Smile. Laugh. Love. Live.”